My Priorities

This is a more detailed list of the kinds of projects I would like to propose our city undertake. Reach out to me by email at [email protected] if you have any ideas you want to bring forward!

Recreation & Placemaking 

  • Resurface Benson park with recycled tire rubber to increase accessibility and repurpose waste 
  • Provide picnic tables for schools or businesses to paint and have placed in parks around the city to create a connection and reason to visit different parks
  • Increase city-run programming in all facilities, including summer fitness groups in Lamoureux Park. Ex. Yoga, Thai Chi, Zumba, etc. 
  • Allow public booking for the outdoor Rotary gym for group fitness classes
  • Keep public pools free and increase hours, keep 3 of 5 existing outdoor pools (St. Francis*, Mattice*, Reg Campbell*) 
  • Move forward with proposal to create an official dog park
  • Paint rainbow walkway downtown to celebrate diversity and pride 
  • Designate area for graffiti/public art - make an event out of it 
  • Facilitate blocking off streets to encourage more summer block events in our downtown core
  • Encourage restaurants to use the street parking in front of their businesses as a summer patio on Pitt St. and Montreal Rd. 
  • Bring back the Recreation Advisory committee
  • Continue to invest in Big Ben and increase hours of operation
  • Promote and facilitate access to Akwesasne skatepark and cross-promote regional tourism


Environmental Sustainability

  • Host a brownfield (tree/hemp) remediation study which will clean the lands under the old Domtar and other local brownfields, increase carbon sequestration, and produce valuable resources 
  • Negotiate the contract with Cornwall Electric to include net-metering to allow solar panels to be connected to the grid.
  • Set waste reduction targets to extend landfill, save future tax money by diverting waste, and encourage a circular economy
  • Launch public campaign when green bins are introduced to increase waste diversion
  • Include kid-friendly signage, and waste sorting stations at all public parks 
  • Implement fines for littering, aim to be a litter free community
  • Support biodiversity by planting native species and naturalizing non-pedestrian areas such as the traffic circle
  • Equip facilities with net-zero infrastructure as upgrades are scheduled (put solar panels on existing buildings)
  • Achieve greenhouse gas emission targets as recommended by Environment Committee


Affordable Living

  • Create more affordable rental units by providing incentives to landlords with rents at least 80% below market rate. 
  • Encourage existing landlords to keep and upgrade below-market rentals. 
  • Study how city permits can reduce the number of displaced people through renovictions. 
  • Support construction of secondary suites (in-law suite, basement apartment, addition, or tiny home) to increase housing stock
  • Converting vacant buildings into affordable rentals
  • Increase childcare spots, bring back city-run daycares
  • Promote and invest in efficient public transit
  • Attract commuter bus company with frequent and affordable travel from Cornwall to Ottawa
  • Increase walkability and bikeability in the community and create a protected bike lane running North-South & East-West
  • Work with Transition+ Cornwall to add more edible plants in public spaces to improve food security and accessibility
  • Add native edible plants to the list of boulevard trees available by the city
  • Create a Grant Writing committee to identify grants and prepare funding requests (Include townships)