About Me

My name is Sarah Good. I am a community and family driven person with a wide range of interests; I am artistic and analytical, I love music and design, and I care deeply about people and the planet. I have a strong sense of personal and professional integrity, and am prepared to make difficult decisions on behalf of the community with an open mind to all of the available information. I believe in innovation, resource efficiency, and planning for the future.

I am proud to call Cornwall my home. This is where I live, work, play, and most importantly, where I raise my family.

I am grateful to have built so many meaningful connections throughout my time working and living in this community, and I am deeply invested in the future of our city.

My vision of Cornwall is one of a vibrant, resilient community that's rich in culture and leisure and is affordable and accessible for all.


Recreation & Placemaking

Increase accessibility in parks and playgrounds

Keep public pools free and increase hours

Environmental Sustainability

Set waste reduction targets to extend landfill

Support biodiversity by planting native species


Incentivize converting vacant buildings to rentals

Support partnerships for community programs

Sarah and Bernadette at Inaugural Ladies in Leadership

Endorsement from the Honourable Bernadette Clement


As a former City Councillor and Mayor, I know well the crucial role played by a municipal government for the well-being of its residents. I know that a good municipal government led by people of kind hearts and enlightened minds can make a big difference in people’s lives.

I believe that Sarah Good is such a person. She understands the importance of community and that we all benefit when residents can contribute to the best of their abilities. She speaks her mind with confidence and respect. She is dynamic, she will present progressive and innovative ideas, and she will help to inspire the next generation of women who must bring their voices and skills to decision-making tables.

I support her candidacy!

The Honorable Bernadette Clement



En tant qu’ancienne Conseillère et Mairesse, je connais bien le rôle crucial qu’exerce un gouvernement municipal pour le bien-être de ses citoyens et citoyennes. Je sais qu’un bon gouvernement municipal dirigé par des gens de bon cœur et d’esprit éclairé peut faire toute une différence dans la vie des gens.

Je crois que Sarah Good est une telle personne. Elle comprend l’importance de la vie communautaire et que nous bénéficions tous lorsque les résidents sont capables de contribuer au mieux de leurs capacités. Elle dit ce qu’elle pense, avec confiance et respect. Elle est dynamique, elle présentera des idées progressistes et innovatrices et elle aidera à inspirer la prochaine génération de femmes qui doivent amener leurs voix et leurs talents aux tables de décisions.

J’appuie sa candidature!

L’Honorable Bernadette Clement

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